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Bart De Pontieu

The reaction to my call for ideas and suggestions about the future of Flash was rather limited to say the least. Although a decision hasn't yet been made, it looks like the BWGS-ers on Internet are reaching a consensus around the following proposal. Flash will no longer be a 'newsletter' or 'magazine'. It stops appearing as such as of 1997. What would remain would be a yearly or semi-yearly report on our activities. The Flash-disk would contain all SeeSat-L messages of the previous month, thus allowing people who do not have Internet to follow what is going on. Mind you, this is not firm yet. I'm open to suggestions. I would also suggest that we discuss this and decide about it at Eurosom 2.

On a brighter note, this issue of Flash sees the first installment of a series of articles on the DRA project. There is also a thorough article by Walter Nissen on the flash behavior of NOAA 7, and an overview of the observations of the new tethered satellite.

As a logical next step in our Internet-activities, we are in the process of suggesting a new Usenet newsgroup. I suspect you will hear more about this in the next issue of Flash. I hope to see some more diversity of articles in the next issue as well. But I guess the lack of authors just illustrates the point that the life of Flash uis running at an end. It has been great for 10 years, but I am personally starting to get a bit 'bored' with editing Flash (let alone filling it with article), I'm afraid.