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Our observing programme can be found in the 'Recent Observations' section. It is subdivided in categories, the codes of which can be found below.

Special Remarks Top Priority Objects

68- 11A: new, Kosmos 203: faint flashes ?    65- 08A: accelerating, triple max
70-108A: new, Kosmos 385: slow flashes ?     70-106B: more obs !
73- 54A: long period                         79- 30B: to be watched closely !
75- 27E: flashes confirmed by Bram Dorreman  84-109B: global decrease
84- 46B: deleted, S                          85- 23J: no change
87- 09B: deleted, S                          85- 41B: accelerating
87- 87B: deleted, S                          85- 94G: probably going down
88- 50A: flashes also seen by Greg Retzlaff  85-116B: sudden acceleration ?
90- 28A: long period now                     86- 02J: last obs S
90- 40D: new, A2E Kosmos 2076: Molniya orbit 86- 37B: accelerated
90- 81T: new                                 86- 93B: flashing or S ?
90- 83B: deleted, S                          88-102A: fl. also seen by LB and RE
92- 36B: deleted, S                          89- 28B: dtm ?
92- 70D: difficult ?                         90- 36B: some secundary maxima
93- 15B: new, Centaur UHF1                   91- 59B: sm
93- 20B: nicely going up                     92- 08B: going down
93- 30G: ID changed to 93-30F(22651) ?       92- 12B: short period
93- 26A: varying acc to RE                   92- 20B: probably going down
93- 67B: some irregularities                 92- 38A: ID reversed with 38B ?
94- 28B: flashes also seen by BD             94- 24B: acc. and still going down
94- 45B: slightly going down again ?         94- 45B: slightly going down?
94- 71B: deleted, almost steady
94- 83B: beginners object; short period
94- 85B: dim flashes every 1/2s ?
95- 02D: C1 Kosmos Tsikada: probably flashing

Observers of February 95

ANO:Antero Olkkonen, Ristiina Finland    MM: Mike McCants, Austin, Texas, USA
BD: Bram Dorreman, Achel, Belgium        RE: Russell Eberst, Edinburgh, Scotland
ER: Eero Rantalaiho, Virkkala, Finland   TC: Tristan Cools, Brugge, Belgium
GAR:Greg Retzlaff, Saskatchewan, Canada  WV: Willy Verhaegen, Wetteren, Belgium
LB: Leo Barhorst, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

New observer: Greg Retzlaff or GAR

Total number of observations: 221

Next deadline for sending in observations: April 7, 1995

Tristan Cools