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From: Bart De Pontieu <BDP_at_MPE.MPE-GARCHING.MPG.DE>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 09:51:37 -0400

Hi folks,

Some administrative stuff about SeeSat-L.

First of all, the February 1995 version of the Satellite Situation Report
is now available at the SeeSat-L archive, thanks to Mike McCants. Here is
what Mike has to say about the file :

>Jay Respler has been urging Goddard to supply all of the information
>that Space Command sends them and this has paid off. The new Satellite
>Situation Report is 1 meg because it includes all 8000 objects in orbit
>and it has RCS values for a very large percentage of them. Also, all
>of them have (Space Command's opinion for?) a name. The original file
>is in reverse order by designation, but I wrote a simple program to
>move the name onto the same line and then ran sort to come up with a
>file that is only 600K.
>The file at the archive is called ssr9502.uu. It is the uuencoded version of
>a zip file containing two files. The first of these is "".
>This is the first 200 or so lines in the original SSR file
>for Feb. 1995. The second is "ssr9502.txt". This is my sorted
>file containing one title line and 7854 entries for "objects
>in orbit". The file on the PC is about 582K. The zip file is
>about 152K and the uuencoded file is about 210K.

To receive this file, send a message with Subject: archive get ssr/ssr9502.uu

You then have to uudecode and unzip it. Good luck.

SeeSat-L now has 80 subscribers. Spread the word! And don't forget to write
your introductions :-)

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