Satellite Situation Report on WWW

From: Bart De Pontieu <BDP_at_MPE.MPE-GARCHING.MPG.DE>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 14:08:26 -0400

Geoff Chester asked in seesat/276:
>Is there a source to ftp the Satellite Situation Report from? Our mail reader
>here has trouble handling anything over 30kB in length, so getting it from the
>archive is kind of a hassle. Unless you like the sight of an IBM 9121 suffering
>terminal bit-barf!

Though I don't know where the original SSR can be found (Mike or Jay might
know), Mike's cleaned up version is probably better anyway. Our institute
doesn't have anonymous ftp, but I have made the file available on one of
the WWW Pages of the Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page. I hope you have
access to WWW. If so, try this URL :

The sixth point in the list on that page is the zipped version of Mike's file.
Don't forget to switch your Web browser to 'Load to Local Disk' before

Hope this works.

By the way, the Belgian Working Group Satellites Home Page now also has a
link to the full PPAS database online.

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