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From: Walter Nissen <dk058_at_cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 21:35:09 -0400
No doubt this is an extremely modest start, but I did think it worthwhile
to announce to the whole list that DRA reports have begun.  I would have
liked to have recorded the secondary maxima, i.e., A'a'A'.



   95    4  Year and month (2I5)
   41.3735  -81.8637      256.  lat, long, hgt (3F10.0)
   15    3   13  1.30   4  Start day,hr,mn,sec  nbr timings
  0.00  0
 20.36  1
 68.45  2
114.67  3
164.85  4

C* 1655 r        7.4  2.4  0.0  5.5
1 15752U 85041  B 95100.16866355  .00000046  00000-0  50229-4 0  4945
2 15752  82.9505 162.0250 0024314 341.4596  18.5668 13.72448846493965

secondary maxima ~1 mag fainter, inv at min, first timing (number 0)
sufficiently uncertain that I would not necessarily jump to the conclusion
that the secondary maxima are asymmetrical, but I would lean that way,
per 48.2 +/- .7

Walter I. Nissen, Jr., CDP, dk058@cleveland.freenet.edu, 55 Barrett RD #808,
Berea, OH 44017-1657, USA, 216-243-4980, -81d 51.823', 41d 22.413', 256m, 7x35
85- 41 B 95-04-15  3:13:21.7 WN  144.5 2.    3 48.2    C* 1655 r, A'aA'

(Incidently, the 2. uncertainty in this PPAS line was not arrived at by
examining the timings later, but, as usual, was a direct estimate based on
how accurate I felt at the very time I was recording the splits and was
made then).

(Nor does it bother me one whit that this OBS turns out to correlate
poorly with the data in the latest Flash.  Too bad.  I saw what I saw and
there it is.  I am an observer first, anything else second.  If a theory
dies, too bad.  I try to record as much as practicable.  I won't record
what I didn't see.  And I didn't see a period of about 15 seconds.  In
this case, I had not consulted any data, nor had I any recollection of
what I "should" see.  Therefore I was not troubled as I collected the
data.  But I am generally unconcerned about being polluted by
foreknowledge, as, e.g., AAVSO is.  Speaking for myself, I take a very
hard-nosed attitude about recording what I see, and don't feel I can be
swayed by poor assumptions.  Let the chips fall where they may.  If I
look at Saturn next month and it has rings, you can bet that's what I'll
report, and if I look at Jupiter and it has rings, I'll report that,
too.  You think I want to miss out on the OBS of the century??  Clyde
Tombaugh, watch out).
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