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From: Foggy <foggy_at_eskimo.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 05:35:16 -0400

Looking...evolving to observing. While star-gazing at Green Lake park
in Seattle (122.3W,47.6N,60m) tonight (03:45-05:30, April 23, 1995 UTC)
aside from two classic passes by MIR (03:50 and 05:30 UTC) I also
saw a couple `mystery sats':

o at about 04:55 UTC I think I saw a pass by NOSS 2-1 (B) and (D)
overhead from the northwest to southeast. They travelled slowly
together seperated by only a few degrees. One appeared to be about
3rd mag and the other, dimmer, at 3.5 mag. I was expecting something
closer to 4th and 5th mag.

o at about 04:35 UTC a 0 to -1 mag satellite made an overhead
pass from northwest to southeast. I haven't been able to find
anything that corresponds to it in the Molczan TLEs. It was
as bright or brighter than Arcturus and Mars and moved relatively

o at about 04:47 UTC a 2nd mag satellite made about a 70-deg high
pass from the southeast to northwest flashing at about 1 second
intervals looking very much like USA-81. Apparently it wasn't
(it's doing morning passes) but nothing like it shows up in Mol-
czan's TLEs.

Magnitude guess-timates were done with 7X50 binoculars using the
Bobrovnikov-method (out-of-focus comparison with a known star).

Any help, hints, tips, etc. would be appreciated.

Clear Skies,

Gary Harland
Seattle, Washington USA
Received on Sun Apr 23 1995 - 05:50:08 UTC

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