ERS2 and rocket obs

From: Tristan Cools <>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 10:29:12 -0400


I just read the message from Neil Clifford's obs of ERS 2 and the second
object which followed ERS 2.
Just as I wanted to stop observing yesterday evening I saw by coincidence 2
bright mag +2 objects moving from omega UMA in the direction of h&X Per.
Taking a closer look I remarked that the second object (which followed the
first object in 9.4s) wasn't steady at all. It remained quite bright for a
while but suddenly decreased in brightness untill it was invisible. Later
it became as bright again as the first object. Although I didn't have
elements yet I was thinking already on the ERS 2 satellite and its rocket.
The second object must have been the Ariane third stage. It had a flash
period of 44s but it was quite impressive !

Tristan Cools
Received on Sun Apr 23 1995 - 12:15:36 UTC

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