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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 15:25:40 -0400

Hello all:

I'm a new subscriber to seesat. I've been an amateur astronomer and space
enthusiast for nearly 20 years. I've seen satellites for years but not until
I bought a computer and installed satellite tracking software was I able to
really determine which satellites I was seeing (with the exception of Shuttle
and MIR). I currently use Quicksat and STSOrbit Plus for planning satellite
observations. I've seen quite a number including UARS, HST, GRO, several
Cosmos satellites and a number of rocket stages. One evening I saw 9
satellites and they were all right on time. I usually plot the satellites
high point on a starmap using a planetarium program. Several friends and I
also saw the Shuttle and MIR pass over the southeastern US on the morning of
the rendezvous. It was exciting to see the Shuttle following MIR across the
sky. We saw them again a couple of mornings later, this time the Shuttle was
leading the way. Satellite watching is fun and I would love to hear from
others who are interested in satellite observing and space exploration in

Happy observing,
Tim Linder
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