Reconfiguration of Mir modules

From: Walter Nissen <dk058_at_cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 08:41:13 -0400

Those of you who need some incentive to make telescopic observations of
Mir might want to keep us informed about the progress of the
reconfiguration. Anyone have step-by-step and schedule details?
> From: (Chris Jones)
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> Subject: June Atlantis/Mir docking may be delayed
> Date: Tue Mar 28 16:08:42 1995
> This week's AW&ST has an article saying that the June docking of Atlantis
> and Mir may be delayed. I'd been hearing rumors of this recently.
> Nothing's been decided yet, but the concern is that all of the work on Mir
> necessary to allow Atlantis to dock may not be complete by early June. If
> not, Thagard would get to extend his stay, since the Russian's don't seem
> to want to bring the EO-18 crew down until the work is done, as they're
> trained to do it.
> I don't have the list in front of me now, so this may not be completely
> accurate, but the reconfiguration is somewhat extensive. They want
> Kristall to be on the forward axial port of Mir for the docking, so it's
> got to be moved. However, they're also planning on launching another
> module to Mir before then (Spektr), and for some reason Kristall is
> actually going to be relocated twice, plus there is work on the docking
> module to prepare another postion for the new module, several EVAs to
> relocate Kristall's solar arrays to the Kvant module, out of the way of
> Atlantis, and at least one Progress flight arriving during this time.
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