From: Tristan Cools <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 09:10:22 -0400


Same for me Neil ! I couldn't make some accurate positional measurements of
ERS 2 and his follower because of my concentration of any flashing behaviour
of one of those tho objects.
It seems that they put the rocket in a slightly higher and more excentric
orbit(cfr Spot and ERS 1) after it has put its payload(s?) into orbit. So
that's why it gets behind on its payload.(it moves slower)
The Russians do it otherwhise with their Kosmos and Zenit boosters. Two
months after launch of the 94-23A, I could see the rocket preceeding its
payload with 12.3s. This means that they put their final stages in a
slightly lower orbit.(maybe to prevent any possible collision whith each other)
I haven't seen ERS 2 and its rocket since because of bad weather. Maybe
some other observers have ?


Tristan Cools
Received on Mon Apr 24 1995 - 10:36:56 UTC

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