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From: Bart De Pontieu <BDP_at_MPE.MPE-GARCHING.MPG.DE>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 15:26:23 -0400

The following message was forwarded to me by Chris Steyaert. It originally
appeard on Compuserve, but I thought its content was also interesting to
the SeeSat subscribers.

#: 216306 S3/Viewing Satellites
    24-Apr-95 14:01:39
Sb: Intsat 2-2 dx
Fm: J. Thomas Jeffrey 73220,2435
To: All

A couple of weeks ago someone posted a letter about viewing satellites in
geosynchronous orbit and wondering if these satellites could be seen by
observing flashes of sunlight.

Tonight I was able to see the satellite INTSAT 2-2 dX (this satellite is in \
the Kepele.nas file for this week). I used Traksat 2.8 to predict it's
position. I then plotted the position using Uranometria 2000.

Using my 14 inch telescope with a low power eyepiece (giving a magnification
of 44X) I was able to see the satellite. But the only reason I saw it was
because every 6 seconds there was a bright flash. In between flashes the
satellite could not be seen.

The satellite was 38,150 Km from me at the time of the observation.

Sequoia National Park
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