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Hello everybody...

  I'm new to the list. I see in the list instructions that I'm obligated
to do a self-introduction.
  My name is Jim Varney. My curiosity about visually observing satellites
started at age 10 (I'm 36 now). We would visit family who lived in the
Mojave Desert of California, which then had few people and clear dark skies.
Twilight is very pleasant in the desert; everyone would come outside at
twilight. As dusk fell into night, someone would invariably yell
"Satellite!" and we would all look up and point and watch it silently
sail overhead...
  I've rediscovered the fun of watching satellites, only now it's
much better because of PC's and the availability of software and orbital
elements. Unfortunately, I don't have dark skies here in Sacramento,
California (121^ 24'W, 38^ 27'N) but I can get to mag 8 with 7x35mm
  This summer, I'm planning on taking my 4-year old daughter outside when
Mir or STS or a bright Cosmos is predicted. She'll look up, point, and
yell "Satellite!" and we'll watch it silently sail overhead...


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