From: Peter Hunter <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 13:34:08 -0400

Hi all, just a quick introductory message. First saw sat-spotting in
action in the early 1960's in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia,
where an old WW2 airfield bunker was the home of a Moonwatch (sat visual
tracking) station. Much clicking of stopwatches in time with WWV signals.
Then outside to line up swivelling arms to which ex-naval binocs attached,
with areas of obs defined for each participant. Sightings plotted
afterwards then telexed to NASA.

These days am up on the (flat) roof of my house on the southern outskirts
of Sydney with a notebook (PC), tripod & camera. Enjoy trying to get a
'trail' thru Crux of manned missions.

Software of choice: Traksat v2 and STSPLUS.

Best sighting so far: shuttle from flight deck of QANTAS 747 en route Los
Angeles - Sydney, just before dawn, SW of Nadi.

Cheers to all,

Peter Hunter. (
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