Introduction of myself

From: Edward S Light <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 10:49:26 -0400

My name is Edward S. Light and I am currently working in the field of
computerized audio response systems although I am a physicist and astronomer
by training, education, and avocation. I have been interested in observing
earth satellites since the early 1960s and until the early 1970s was involved
with what was then called the Independent Tracking Coordination Program run
by Norton Goodwin in Washington DC. My main interests were in visual measure-
ment of the brightnesses of satellites, using instruments such as my naked eye,
binoculars, and a five inch rich-field refractor.

Only recently, when my company acquired limited Internet access, was my
interest rekindled by the frequent availability of current orbital elements
(TLEs). Unfortunately, my residence (central New Jersey) is a miserable
observing site so that, for now, I can only look at the brighter objects
(Mir, space shuttle, etc.), and my efforts to include other objects are
hampered by my lack of any data on the intrinsic brightness of the satellites
represented in the lists of TLEs. I slapped together computer programs which
I use to predict satellite passes but I have no idea how bright most objects
can be expected to be!

Any help re my "data drought" will be greatly appreciated! Clear (and DARK!)
skies all!
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