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From: Jeffrey C. Hunt <>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 12:47:47 -0400

     I just found seesat-l listed in Usenet group
I've been tracking visual satellites for about a year as a hobby. I
never saw a sat group listed in Usenet and I was delighted to find this
     I have two satellite tracking programs for my PC, SatPro and
STSPlus. Each program has its own unique advantages and luckily I have
two computers so I can run SatPro on my 486DX33 and STSPlus on my old
286 that has a math co-processor.
     My location is rural so my observation sky is relatively dark
except for the NW direction which has some glow from Washington, D.C.
30 miles away.
     Presently my TLE sources are via telnet; and via FTP. Of course I'm always
looking for more sources and it appears I may find them on this
     My question for now is: Does this group have an FTP site or does
all retrieval have to be via e-mail?

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