Unidentified sat

Mike Rosseel (we50337@is1.vub.ac.be)
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 00:31:16 +0200 (DST)

hello all,
Saterday the 30th of march I saw a bright sat ( 0 or brighter ) in the lower
part of orion, traveling towards sirius and procyon. It passed between these
two...it didn't move very fast. I ran some predictions but could come up
with nothing that matches my observation; the only one that came close was
one of the keyholes, but the time and direction were not entirely correct.
Somebody know which sat it could have been ?
Date : 30 march 96 
Time : 20:13 UT ( was then midway between orion and sirius ) 
Place : 51.21 North, 2.93 East ( Belgium )

Mike Rosseel