Re: Weird Observation. Identificatio needed.

Jim Varney (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 21:18:09 -0700

On 9 Apr 99, wrote:

> my 10" LX-50 to work. Six bright stars were in sight. Suddenly two 
> of then begun to
>  move. Yesss . To move. At a rate about 1' per 3 or 4 seconds. 
> Two stars orbited the other 4. Yess.. They begun to move in a 
> constant cicular speed around the four brighter. After some two 
> minutes of observation the brigh
> t stars begun to fade. All  set fade in about a minute. After that 
> only background stars.

If these are in geosynch orbit, we can roughly assume a slant range of 
about 35,000 miles.  If they were moving at right angles to you, a movement 
of one arc minute is 10 miles.  10 miles in 4 seconds is 9,100 mph.  Quite 
a feat for a circular manuever.

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