UFO help?

Robert Bloch (kerbob@jax-inter.net)
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 01:24:23 -0400

>Hi, need help on a UFO, please.

Here's a question for this one.

Monday night April 12th between 23:30 and 23:50 EDT (April 13th 04:30 to
04:50 UTC) I saw what has been confirmed to me by the OIG as the re-entry
of Cosmos 673 rocket (1974-066B/7418) beginning in an area of the sky
approximately 20-25 degrees down to roughly 5-7 degrees off the horizon
slightly to the north of Auriga. I marked the direction and compassed it
later at close to 315 degrees NW.  

Anyway, as 7418 broke up it appeared to split in two somewhere amidships. I
can say that I saw the lower half melt-into itself and re-enter, but the
second half may have been propelled back out. 

Is it possible that this second half re-circulated then joined the first
fracture at or near the same spot 40 odd hours later, or is there a chance
that the date of the other observation is incorrect? 

Robert Bloch
Neptune Beach, Florida
30.31359 N -81.396865 W