Re: Much ado about a NOSS triangle

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 09:02:13 EDT

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    >Ted Molczan said:
    >> I am more optimistic. They did consider the possibility of a formation
    >> of satellites, and actually contacted someone connected with the Cluster
    >> satellites in an effort to determine whether or not that was what they
    >> saw.
    I sent one more message about 10PM CDT last night and received a reply
    at 12:40 AM CDT this morning which I found in my email this morning.
    The reply said in part:
    >When I learn information that clarifies any earth mystery, I always report
    >it which I will be doing at Earthfiles and on the radio.
    So it appears that Ted's optimism is justified.  :-)
    And that it took a rather sarcastic message to get any response.  :-(
    Mike McCants
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