Re: PPAS reports, plus

Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 06:23:10 EDT

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    Already on the day after Ed's mail I noticed that Insat 2D reached 20 degrees 
    in az 224 at convenient hours.
    FWIW, I watched intermittently 19:40-21:00 for 2-minute intervals - but that 
    was RA 07:00 to 08:20, and I saw no flashes. If I get clear weather in the 
    weekend at Malma, it will be (in the SE) at RA 14:20 at 23:00 local (daylight) 
    time. OTOH, the increasing Solar declination should push the flashes further 
    south, and my latitude (+59) could make the flashes invisible, or at least 
    move them considerably, depending on the rotation axis.
    >Datum: Apr 2, 2005 11:19:33 AM
    >Ärende: PPAS reports, plus
    >24820, Insat 2D (rapidly eastward-drifting near-geosynch,
    >seen around RA 14:20)
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