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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 00:09:34 EDT

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    Thanks for the report
    This is something you might want to observe, since you get to see it.
    On Apr 10 at around 10:02 pm EDT ( 2:02 UTC Apr 11 ) two satellite's will pass by, seperated by
    less then 10 degrees.
    You will notice one, is being followed by the other. What's happening is that the two rockets have
    similar orbits, so one can get close to the other, and pass by it.
    They are predicted to be in the mag 4 range, before they go into earth's shadow.
    The satellites are
    Cosmos 1943 r and Cosmos 2322 r
    Cosmos 1943 r is NORAD # 19120
    Cosmos 2322 r is NORAD # 23705
    Cosmos 2322 r is the leader, and cosmos 1943 r will be trailing behind it.
    I be watching the show, from my location.
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