From: charles beton (c.beton@virgin.net)
Date: Sun Apr 10 2005 - 18:57:32 EDT

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    Whilst taking a break from astro-photography from a dark site at 50.8783
    deg.N 4.4117 deg.W (NW Devon, U.K.) on 2005.04.02, at about 03:08 UT, I
    accidentally observed a satellite(?) in 8x40 binocs. and then immediately
    observed a 2nd satellite (?) flying in formation with the first in the same
    binoc. field: ie a few  degrees separation. I say formation because their
    apparent speed was the same (as were their magnitudes: roughly 6) and their
    tracks parallel: the 1st was "leading" the 2nd. The 2nd disappeared after
    several secs; but I continued to observe the 1st until it disappeared at
    about 03.09 UT at about 25 to 30 deg alt. in about the south.
    Having since learned much on the www, I suggest (using Mike McCant's
    quicksat prog.) my 2nd object was satellite 11732 (NOSS 3 (D), EP2)?
    But I can't identify the 1st?
    If I've correctly identified 11732, then the 1st must have been in a much
    higher orbit? Was the apparent formation just a coincidence?
    What's the most comprehensive source of recent orbital elements for purpose
    of identifying an unknown satellite? (As far as I can tell, heavens-above
    gives a list of satellites only brighter than mag. 4.5?)
    Many thanks, Charles (B'ham).
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