OT:Research balloon

From: Thomas Dorman (drygulch_99@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 09:18:46 EDT

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    I was out observing a pass of Iridium 75 just before
    sunrise at my location when I notice a star like
    object near the area of where Iridium 75 was to
    flare.In my 7x35 binoculars it look like a distant
    high altitude research balloon.Check with NASA Balloon
    operations they have nothing flying in the southern
    New Mexico skies.The balloon is to large to be a
    standard weather balloon launched by the weather
    service in my location.IF this is not a balloon than
    it could be a nova event that start in my skies just
    before sunrise, but highly unlikely.This object would
    had be in the eastern side of Cassiopeia.
    Thomas Dorman
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