Re: Can GPS be 'turned off'?

From: Brandon Galbraith (
Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 19:21:52 EDT

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    It really depends on your definition of "turn off". Selectively
    availability can be turned on and off by region (which affects the
    civilian GPS signal). It should also be no problem for the Air Force
    to shut down the signal completely on a per region basis, but I doubt
    there would be a region they would want to shut down the military GPS
    signal as well as the civilian signal. For more information, read up
    at this excellent Wikipedia article:
    Also, this is a Phrack article exploring what hardware could be used to jam GPS: (note: I provide this
    only for educational purposes. It's got technical merit, in my
    I hope this answers some of your questions, or points you toward said answers.
    On 4/15/05, skywise <> wrote:
    > Sorry for being off topic, but can the GPS system be
    > 'turned off'? A thread in another group has raised the
    > question. Answers are ranging from "impossible" to "it
    > would take days" to "the guys at space command could
    > probably do it in minutes". Of course, I don't think
    > any of these folks collectively have even half a clue
    > as most individuals here on the topic.
    > I thought about doing a google search but fear that
    > most of the hits would be to doomsday and conspiracy
    > sites and figured someone here would have the answer.
    > TIA,
    > Brian
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