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Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 19:57:16 EDT

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    Hi J. Thomas,
    > I use the program Orbitron which can not read the some of
    > the Space-Track files (the most usefull ones to me). The only
    > Space-Track file it can read is the "alldata" file which has
    > no satellite names, just numbers which is useless.
    I have a program which will insert the name information on line 0
    of each TLE, converting the file from 2-line format to 3-line
    format.  If this would solve your dilemma, I'd be happy to send
    it to you.  The only caveat is that it requires you to keep a
    text file called SATNAMES.DAT up-to-date as you learn the names
    of newly launched satellites.  The file format is pretty obvious.
    > Orbitron can not read the Space-Track full satellite catalog file
    > that includes the names of the satellites (the file extension for
    > this file is called GZ file which even Windows XP can't open).
    This is a GZIP file (similar to a ZIP file).  The DOS command for
    unzipping it is:
    >  gzip -ad <filename>
    If you don't have the GZIP program, you can download it off the
    web I'm sure.
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