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Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 20:00:41 EDT

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    I wrote a program that works just fine with all satellite files 
    including text file, even email save as text. It is under beta right now 
    but works quite well. The version on my web site is available but help 
    file is not completed. This should be done by end of the month. It is 
    free. BTW , it has a download option that connect with Space-Track, 
    download and unzip the file with associate names in selected directories.
    J. Thomas Jeffrey wrote:
    > Since Space-Track went online my satellite observing has gone down to 
    > nearly zero. I use the program Orbitron which can not read the some of 
    > the Space-Track files (the most usefull ones to me). The only 
    > Space-Track file it can read is the "alldata" file which has no 
    > satellite names, just numbers which is useless. Orbitron can not read 
    > the Space-Track full satellite catalog file that includes the names of 
    > the satellites (the file extension for this file is called GZ file 
    > which even Windows XP can't open). I used to download the McCants 
    > file, load it into Orbitron and looked for the _names_ of satellites I 
    > had not seen. I then went to Heavens-Above and used it to see where on 
    > the sky I could see the satellite in relation to the brighter stars 
    > and then used my 20x90 binoculars to see the satellite. No more.
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