another nice view of the iss soyuz rocket and soyuz spacecraft

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 05:55:07 EDT

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    Another great pass of each.
    I could have missed, as they passes by earlier then I though they would for some reason. Oh well I
    saw them, that's all that matter's.
    I got a pass of each on video, the iss was the fun one. After making sure everything was working,
    I looked up to see the iss buzz by. I quickly chased it down, and got it on video.
    I had plenty of time, to watch the rocket fly by. It came by around 9:17 UTC. It passed by eta
    Both the rocket and iss, were brighter then vega.
    Next a few minutues later, the soyuz spacecraft came by. 
    It came by at around 9:37 UTC ( 5:37 am EDT ) Since it showed up much latter, I had to move
    everything to see it. It came by about 20 minutes after the rocket, so it's orbital plane passed
    through a different area of sky, thanks to the earth's rotation. 
    It wasn't as bright as the iss are rocket. It was fainter then Arcturus ( alp boo ). It was around
    the 2nd magnitude, it appeared on the tv, as the same brightness of the 2nd mag star it passed by
    in the little dipper. The star is Kochab ( beta Umi ).
    I post a message, when the video is online.
    44.6062 N
    75.6910 W
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