CZ3A R/B #22997

From: ykchia (
Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 08:17:12 EDT

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    Hi folks:
       While searching for meteors 4/12 on video frames,  I came across a 
    satellite trail  ' - - . - '  which at first look  like the signature 
    of  a fast meteor with the exception of a single star-like dot in 
    between 2 dashes. Closer inspection revealed a mag drop off just before 
    the dash gone to invisble.  Today I review  the tape confirming  the 
    culprit to be a slow moving sat with magnitude variation. Due to the 
    narrow FOV only 3 cycles were seen.
        After a few attempts on Skymap pro  managed to narrow the candidate 
    to CZ3A R/B 22997
        CZ3A R/B 22997 seems to have a steep dive into below visibility and  
    also a  short cycle flare  in between the cycles  left a  star-like  
    image in the 2-minute per video still ..
        Is there a light curve for object like this?  Or do i need to go 
    through all the ppas files?
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