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Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 14:52:57 EDT

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    I just noticed that there is a new message on Celestrak.
    Update #14 (2005 March 25): On 2005 March 24, CelesTrak received the
    following message from Air Force Space Command authorizing redistribution
    of Space Track data:
    Your request to redistribute CFE Pilot Program data/analysis
    (TLEs and Space Situation Report (SSR) data) obtained from the
    Space-Track web site via the CeleTrak web site has been approved
    on 24 Mar 2005 in accordance with Air Force Space Command
    Commander's authority dated 8 November 2004.
    However, there does not appear to be any tle data on Celestrak at present.
    Bjorn posted:
    >The way I read the restrictions, we can not add the catalog ID or UN/COSPAR
    >designation to our observation reports, if we used Space-Track elsets to
    >find the satellites!
    If you click on Celestrak's "Search the SatCat":
    There is a search form.  At the top it says "Data current as of
    April 11".  Since AFSPC issues a new SatCat every Monday and April 11
    is last Monday, one might assume that TS Kelso will update this
    information every week.
    If you specify "search by International Designator" and enter a recent
    designation (like 2005-010) and uncheck the "payloads only" box,
    then you get six recently-cataloged objects associated with the
    launch of Express-AM 2.  If you search by catalog number, you will
    get the designation and name of that object.
    So it seems to me that information obtained this way is not directly
    from the AFSPC web pages and thus we can reference it on the mailing
    list.  So if you see object 28629 or 2005-010A and you can go look
    it up here, then you could refer to the catalog number, designation,
    and name as they appear here.
    Mike McCants
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