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Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 17:30:03 EDT

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    Björn Gimle wrote:
    >>The real killer is the extreme difficulty of getting permissions to share
    >>analysis done using Space-Track data. Helping less proficient
    >>amateurs ID their obs, suggesting objects to observe, analyzing
    >>flashing behaviours etc and sharing this makes the hobby joyful -
    >>how fun is it to do this just on your own?
    > The way I read the restrictions, we can not add the catalog ID or UN/COSPAR
    > designation to our observation reports, if we used Space-Track elsets to
    > find the satellites!
    > Nor can we use them in mails suggesting objects to observe?
    > We really should have a clarification on what we can post (on SeeSat-L
    > and on homepages), and what we can discuss privately with other registered
    > Space-Track users.
    Perhaps it's not difficult to get a SpaceTrack account and download
    TLE's, but what you said above amounts to flaming hoops for someone
    like me who's just a casual occasional observer.
    If I have trouble ID'ing a sat how do I talk to anyone about it?
    If I take a cool picture of a sat pass, can I post the image on
    my website? Couldn't that be interpreted as 'analysis'?
    How do I (or anyone else) know for certain that anyone they talk to
    has a SpaceTrack account? I could say I do and you may share info to
    me, but since I lied, you just broke the law.
    Perhaps I'm being extremist and perhaps paranoid in my opinion but
    this attitude by SpaceTrack is what I would expect from a communist
    or other oppressive nation and not a free republic like the USA.
    It is also my opinion that people aren't making a big enough stink
    about it either (that I'm aware of).
    I'll shut up now.... :)
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