DART and Mublcom observed

From: PAUL MALEY (pdmaley@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 18:09:32 EDT

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    Last night I traveled to Brenham, Texas and videotaped
    the DART and MUBLCOM traveling in very close formation
    at 02:37UT April 16. I could see them clearly on the
    video and, in binoculars, only the brighter object was
    seen (probably DART). The fainter object was slightly
    ahead and above (in terms of local reference frame).
    Range was about 680 st. miles, elevation 40 azimuth
    40. The fainter object seemed to have minor variations
    in it, while the brighter object seemd steady on the
    video. Uusually I use an image intensifier which
    enables a harder image to be recorded. However, I
    found that my imaging software DAZZLE does not seem to
    pick up the fainter object no matter how much I play
    with the software controls. I do not think I can post
    images because of this problem.
    Paul Maley
    Paul D. Maley
    29.6049N, 95.1069W, alt.6m
    email: pdmaley@yahoo.com
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