KISS method

From: Dennis (
Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 18:50:47 EDT

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    Greetings to all,
    The SpaceTrack user agreement states "the user agrees not to transfer any 
    data...received through this website".
    Simply put, it means YOU (as an individual) MAY NOT transfer data you get 
    from SpaceTrack.
    As such, you MAY transfer data if you get your data elsewhere (such as 
    CelesTrak, Amsat, or CalSKY).
    However, I wouldn't expect the SpaceTrack people to ask you where you got 
    your data.
    So to keep it simple, I suggest that you point to your source of data when 
    reporting (ie: "from the CelesTrak website").
    Try the KISS method.
    Clear skies!
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