Re: Heavens-Above set to south pole

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 02:21:29 EDT

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    Robin said, "Spent an hour or so experimenting with different numbers. The 
    flare limits now are about 76.7 N and 89.7 South Lat's. I'm guessing these 
    will move North until Solstice. Must be rules based on the Sun's position. 
    No such limits on daylight flares. Check out those for your South Pole. 
    Could see more daylight flares in one day than all I have ever seen."
    I didn't think of the fact that the darkness would eventually shade the 
    satellites so that they would not flare. I do find it fascinating that 
    beginning on 4/27 they get steadily brighter for 4 days than for 4 days they 
    get steadily dimmer. See:
    I do not understand how "daytime flares" could be seen right now at the S 
    pole?!!  I have not looked to see what the times of "daylight" are listed as 
    Again they get steadily brighter then dimmer.
    I see that there is a gap beginning with the last flare listed like:
          18 Apr
         186 (S )
         37.7 km (W)
         Iridium 16
    and the next flare listed like:
          27 Apr
         16 (NNE)
         41.1 km (W)
         Iridium 72
    Interesting stuff. It would be great if someone would do a prediction with 
    iridiflare and see it matches with H-A.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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