Re: Heavens-Above set to south pole

From: Eric George (
Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 22:34:57 EDT

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    My guess is that you see the flares when an orbital plane is in the 
    right place.  As J2 pushes the planes around the flares will fade until 
    the next plane comes around.
    What's the period between peaks?  Figure out what dRAAN/dT is due to 
    J2.  Divide the angle between the planes by that amount, and I'm 
    guessing it will match the predicted period between flare peaks +- some 
    difference due to the change in location of the sun.
    Tom Wagner wrote:
    > Thanks Gerhard.
    > I appreciate the reply.
    > When I did my first H-A analysis of the S pole flares some years ago, 
    > I just happened to hit a time when there was a lot of them. I then 
    > assumed that they would always be visible in great numbers with many 
    > bright ones per 24 period.
    > I wonder of their frequency changes with the sun's changes in 
    > altitude? I also wonder if they interfere with any astronomical 
    > observations that are made down there...assuming someone does make 
    > those kinds of observations. I will try to find out.
    > Tom  Iowa USA
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