Re: Titan-4 Launch

Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 09:17:56 EDT

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    In a message dated 4/26/05 3:18:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
    << Welcome Joe!  Seems no one has replied here to your message.  
     I don't know much but found on the site 
     a possible 63-degree, 100 nautical mile nominal orbit,
     mentioning that this launch, originally to be from 
     Vandenberg, was then "SB-WASS - Consolidated Program" >>
    Hi Ed --
        I actually received several (private) responses from others on the SeeSat 
    list. From past experience, I can tell you that when the Shuttle has passed 
    by New York City on twilight/night launches, that its altitude has reached as 
    high as 8 or 9 degrees for 51.6-inclinations and around 15 degrees for the 
    higher 57 degree missions.  I've been able to see all of them . . . so long as my 
    sky is reasonably clear and there are no obstructions to the east and south.  
    I should also add that at MECO, the Shuttle is generally at an altitude of 
    73-statute miles.  
        It appears that the circumstances are going to be rather similar for the 
    upcoming Titan-4 launch and, if anything, a 63-degree inclination will only 
    serve to "lift" it a bit higher in the sky, at least for those of us here in the 
    NY Area.
    Nice to finally be part of this interesting list!
    -- joe r.   
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