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Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 03:09:34 EDT

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    I'm not at my best at four o'clock in the morning , especially when I'm 
    woken by the dog wanting to go out !
    However as I stumbled around the garden , I noticed something very 
    strange.....the sky was clear !Not only that , but in the back of my mind 
    was the notion that a vis pass of ISS was due in a little over 15 minutes.
    In somewhat of a frenzy I managed to get set up , just in time for the pass 
    , having remebered to increase the gain on the camera to see if I could 
    catch sight of the illusive main array.
    Sure enough the main panels were just about visible , together with those of 
    the Zvezda and Zarya modules , ....Progress the arm.
    I was quite surprised when I saw just how far the arm extended when shots 
    from the departing Soyuz were shown on NASA TV last Sunday....fortunately I 
    saved some video of the event and compared the configuration of the arm to 
    my images from this morning.It looks as if it has not been moved in the 
    intervening period.
    Notice too the the main array is in the same attitude .
    Shows a single frame compared to the Soyuz camera shot ....the S1 truss is 
    in shadow.
    Of course , increasing the gain resulted in loss of any real detail , but at 
    least the "extras" were vis   .
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