Re: Titan IV B-30 Tracking stations

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 18:20:16 EDT

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    > "The vessel, which is leased to defense contractor Lockheed Martin, is 
    > used to  collect electrical, hydraulic, geographical and other data about 
    > rocket  boosters, said Doug Sayers, a Lockheed Martin spokesman. Sayers 
    > did not know why  the vessel is docked in Maine."
    Way off topic, I beg indulgence and forgiveness, will not continue the 
    But if the Sage is there to support the Titan IV launch, why don't the 
    involved parties say something like,
    "The Sage is carrying instrumentation that will support the upcoming Titan 
    IV launch from Cape Canaveral.  The launch, as has been announced, will 
    carry a classified NRO payload, so no details can be provided."   ?
    That would seem to be truthful, adequate, and wouldn't raise nearly as much 
    interest as the current mysteriosity has done.
    BTW, have Sage or similar ships been seen in support of other launches?
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