New Titan & Lacrosse (?) observed

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 22:01:39 EDT

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    I observed a near zenith transit by the new NRO object and its Titan
    rocket above my home in Edinburgh. The track was close to those
    predicted by Ted's elsets for the Lacrosse Type 1 and 2 orbits.
    My single best position for 01h 11m 49.34s UTC on 2005 Apr 30 is
           RA 18h 39m 40.6s   Dec +52d 10m 10s
    with a time uncertainty of 0.1 sec and position uncertainty of 4 arcmin.
    At that point in the transit, as they descended in the E, the two
    objects were roughly in line with one (the leader) about 3 arcmin ahead
    of the other. The position is for the trailing object which was normally
    the brighter of the two. They were about mag 3 (leader) and 1.5
    (trailer) at this point, but they had been closer to 1.5 and 1
    respectively as they passed overhead, with (at least) one of them
    varying so that at times they were almost equal. While overhead the
    separation was about 10 arscec. I also suspected that they were embedded
    in a haze during the transit, but that might have been wishful thinking.
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