Titan IV payload seen

From: Christian Ackermann (chracker@uni-mainz.de)
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 23:47:13 EDT

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    From Heidelberg (Germany) I could spot the object(s) from today's Titan-IV launch:
    At around 01:13 UT I saw one object visible to the naked eye at around +4mag passing north of Cassiopeia, it was surrounded by a halo.
    One orbit later at 02:53:15 UT (but maybe it was 02:54:15) two objects (some 1,5 apart) passed 5 to 10 north of Ophiuchus. At that point the leading object was whitish at about +3mag, the trailing object reddish at about +2mag. Later both objects became identical in color and brightness.
    Christian F. Ackermann
    49.417 N    8.700 E    320m AMSL
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