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From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 14:54:48 EDT

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    Appears to be a Breeze tank, 05003C, which is often quite bright.
    Its range, 430 km is 1.54 times shorter than that of Cosmos 1220,
    but it also has a higher absolute velocity, and motion more
    perpendicular to the line-of-sight.
    Looking at the attach SkyMap you can see that in 12s
    Cosmos does 140;195 = 240 pixels, and Breeze 82;429 = 437
    The ratio is 182%, an impressive estimate!
    I have set the SkyMap SatMag.dat entry to r9.17 for this,
    std.mag 4.9 for others from my obs of 28116 03 056E.
    Kevin Fetter, who gave me the heads-up on the Breeze APTs,
    has 4.0 as std mag.
    Finally my standard plea - when reporting the motion of an UNID,
    where any kind of position is provided, the direction of motion
    should be given relative to the local vertical (DIR = 190 deg here),
    (or sometimes relative to a line between stars, for photos and
    telescopic observations) since the horizon is rarely visible in an "UNID
    In your case, though, it is very obvious this one is heading NE.
    And I suppose 'E of' means 'closer to the E' though in
    astronomy it might mean 'to the left' or 'to the left in an inverting scope'
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    From: "Mark Hanning-Lee" >
    > Saw a bright UNID tonight 4-29 in evening twilight. It
    > was heading SW to NE. At 20:15:00 local time = 4-30-05
    > 3:15:00 UTC, it passed 5 deg E of eta UMa
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