Info on USA 129

Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 11:08:32 UTC

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    Hi all: It was a glorious spring day Saturday, so I took my springer  
    spaniel on an extra long hike.  Unfortunately, I found myself too exhausted  at 
    sunset to battle the incoming clouds to eke out any possible observing.   So, 
    I tried to do a little background research about USA 129.  Found almost  
    nothing on Gunter's Space page other than "Reconnaissance, electro-optical"  
    operated by NRO.  A quick search of See-Sat archives didn't yield  much.  I'd 
    like to tie in some knowledge about the satellites observed to  the 
    observations.  To save me the burden of researching myself, I'm asking  for links 
    or synopses about USA 129 particularly about how it's manoeuvers  relate to 
    its mission.  (Hope this doesn't put me on a National Security  Suspect List  
    :-)   Any information appreciated.
    Peter Gertson 8039
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