Re: NROL-34 observation reports received; elements updated

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Tue Apr 19 2011 - 08:38:45 UTC

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    Op 19-4-2011 00:05, Ted Molczan schreef:
    > As I was about to send this message, Marco Langbroek reported his suspected observation of one of the NROL-34 NOSS, made
    > at the same time as Bram's, which appears to match the leader (11014A). Both positions were close in track to the above
    > orbit, but the first one was ~10 S early, and the second one ~9 S late, indicating that the times corresponding to both
    > ends of the image trail needed to be swapped; doing so resolved the discrepancy.
    Indeed, I inadvertently swapped the trail ends in measuring (thinking it moved 
    south to north while it was moving north to south): my apologies, it had been a 
    tiring day.....
    As the swap in time actually has a (small) influence on the RA measured (due to 
    sky rotation in the -small- time interval in question), here's a revised set of 
    points (trail start, and trail end):
    37386 11 014A   4353 G 20110418200622300 17 75 0556475+090900 56
    37386 11 014A   4353 G 20110418200632350 17 75 0603132+080560 56
    The trail is *very* weak on the image, and normally I wouldn't measure a trail 
    this marginal (marginal is the correct word indeed): this was a low 20 degree 
    west pass with unfavourable phase angle.
    As there is some ambiguity in the trail ends with this faint a trail, expect a 
    larger residual than usual.
    - Marco
    Dr Marco Langbroek  -  SatTrackCam Leiden, the Netherlands.
    Cospar 4353 (Leiden):   52.15412 N, 4.49081 E (WGS84), +0 m ASL
    Cospar 4354 (De Wilck): 52.11685 N, 4.56016 E (WGS84), -2 m ASL
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