Re: I assume it was Noss 1D = sat seen and obs

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2013 - 01:58:44 UTC

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    Thanks for the info.
    I was looking at what sat's could be early/late, and noticed Noss 1 ( D ).
    I was just looking at how it passed, across the sky, in direction, how much it changed elevation, and thought maybe it was the cause, allowing for time and positon error's, as it's orbit was old.
    But problem, I see if I use a sat with a low perigee orbit, and orbital data from 1 month ago, and plot it's path using a pass predicted for today, and then using the same sat's updated orbital data, and using the same path, I notice that the predicted path between the 2 tle's isn't much different. I had assumed because the sat wasn't seen in awhile, that the path would be off.
    So if I can't blame noss 1 ( D ) as the cause of the unid, then oh oh, that's no good. Means I really did see a so far unid, they seem to like my observing site so much, look at all the unid's I have seen, which turned out to be certain sat, are as ted joked, are we can just wait for kevin to see it as a unid.
    If it's really a unid, then another example for never knowing what I'll see. I had filled in at work, and normally would have been off, so if I hadn't been working, I would not have been aimed at that area of sky.
     blame the unid on Noss 1 ( D ) was fine to me.
    --- On Tue, 4/2/13, Björn Gimle <> wrote:
    > your ID looks almost perfect when I simulate your
    > observations in ObsReduce
    > I get -289.4 s (early) and 0.075/0.100 degrees cross-track
    > errors (the
    > latter mainly due to my approximations.
    > But IDsat gave these errors, and apart from the similarity
    > in tdiff it
    > is not easy to spot it as a candidate :
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