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Date: Wed Apr 03 2013 - 14:53:21 UTC

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    The only match I can find is CZ-3A DEB (a launch vehicle/rocket body 
    launched from China)
    aka 35551
    But it's off by 2.3 degrees which seems like a lot considering the accuracy 
    of the RA, Dec you provided.
    Here's the track in heaven's above
    It's not technically geosync although it was 23,000 miles away at the time. 
    In heaven's above unfortunately I don't know how to reduce the time codes 
    and they all run together at 8:44pm but according to latest TLE it was here 
    at that time:
    ra 10h 8.8 min
    dec 4.69
    Is it moving in the correct direction for your starfield?
    - George Roberts
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    Sorry George, I should have remembered the importance of my location in
    the calculation.... Lat= 41.596 N, Long= 71.091 W. Also, the telescope
    tracks in sidereal time so I assume this object was a geosync. based on
    its location and the amount of apparent motion.
    On 3/30/2013 10:39 PM, George Roberts wrote:
    > Unlike with asteroids, we need to know your latitude and longitude (within 
    > a
    > mile is probably fine).  This is because satellites are much closer than
    > asteroids.
    > - George Roberts
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    > From: tom
    > while imaging an asteroid this evening I had a slow mover track across
    > the field. I'm guessing it was around 12th or 13th magnitude. Wonder if
    > someone could identify follows....object moved about  12
    > arc-minutes in 45 seconds.
    > 3/31/2013  00 04 44UTC      RA=10h 06m 01.5s   DEC=+02Deg 29' 11"
    > Tom
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