Re: Ariane 5 Debris ( SYLDA Dispenser ) decay info

From: Janos Tolgyesi (
Date: Fri Apr 05 2013 - 14:40:38 UTC

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    I see on the prediction map, this orbit follow near the equator. Has this
    orbit more chances on the last part of the reentry a very slow decreesing,
    on a small degree, and a long way in the lower athmosphere? On the map
    there is a yellow line, can it be interpret as all the points of this line
    is the possible end, or is it draw a long visibility?
    On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 4:00 PM, Kevin Fetter <> wrote:
    > As the decay time get's closer, the amount of time around the predicted
    > time of entry will get less. Due to things as satellite mass, solar
    > activity, there will always be uncertainty in when it will actually
    > re-enter. So it's best to start looking a good amount of time, before the
    > predicted re-entry time, not sure how much time.
    > I have yet to see, a satellite being taken out, and causing a oh so nice
    > light show.
    > I hope it comes in, over a area when lots of peopke live, they will oh so
    > enjoy the show, if they aren't staring at there smart phone and texting are
    > other things to distract them.
    > --- On Fri, 4/5/13, Sankaranarayanan K V <> wrote:
    > Thank you, Kevin. The predicted re-entry time has a range of plus/minus 14
    > hours for the prediction epoch 04 APR 2013 @ 07:51:16.125 UTC. Will this
    > converge towards the reentry? How long should I be watching around the
    > reentry time?
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