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Date: Wed Apr 10 2013 - 21:16:59 UTC

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    Actually, it contains two tracks, nearly parallell, but apparently not
    98 degrees NB.
    I have measured the two tracks' start and end points three times, and
    got NO similar results, they are even in wild orientations.
    I used three reference stars at "large" distances in the Lyra
    asterism, though the tracks were left of Lyra, to get relative good
    RA/dec for these points.
    (I find star fields without bright stars very difficult to recognize
    in ObsReduce, and there is no feedback to verify the computed
    position. I have written a program to display the points reduced into
    SkyMap, but its star field representation is more realistic, and very
    difficult to match with ObsReduce)
    Obviously, I am too tired today to understand my failure.
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