ISS and space fence radar reception comparison

From: Thomas Ashcraft (
Date: Fri Apr 19 2013 - 22:25:34 UTC

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    I made a casual comparison of reception of the ISS reflecting in the 
    Space Fence radar beam from Lake Kickipoo, Texas to my location in north 
    central New Mexico simultaneously using two ICOM PCR 1000 radios with 
    different antenna systems. One radio was connected to an eight element 
    yagi tv antenna without any amplification and the other radio was 
    connected to a four element yagi cut for 220 MHz and a pre-amp tuned for 
    the space fence frequency of 216.98 MHz CW.
    The four element yagi with tuned preamp is more sensitive but the simple 
    tv antenna is also pretty sensitive and works well for the ISS.
    Here is a spectrogram and stereo audio recording made April 18, 2013 
    during the 2050 UT minute.
    Thomas Ashcraft  -  Heliotown  -  New Mexico
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