Re: Do others fine the bulk tle files messed up

From: Andriy Makeyev (
Date: Sun Apr 21 2013 - 10:55:33 UTC

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    Dear Kevin,
    You can force new Space-track engine to output data as you wish: just type-in in your browser address line additional text "/orderby/NORAD_CAT_ID/" after standard string.
    It's possible to use 'asc' (default) and 'desc' after 'NORAD_CAT_ID' to sort reversly. Also you can sort not only by NORAD# (see their help with examples).
    Then you can save the line in your browser favorites (not to type-in the text every time you revisit the site).
    Cheers, Andriy
    > I just contacted space track, because I found the bulk files you can download, show the satellites listed in a weird order, ie no longer listed in ascending catalog number order. Instead of VANGUARD 1 ( 00005 )being shown the first sat in the Full Catalog, FENGYUN 1C DEB ( 36160 ) is shown as the first sat.
    > So is it just me, having the problem, are do other's have the same problem.
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