I have a problem it seems = unid sat and video

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Apr 22 2013 - 05:27:07 UTC

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    While scanning the sky, I noticed a sat, so I started to follow it, and shortly after, a bright sat came into view. I followed the fainter sat for a very short time, then went to follow the bright sat.
    When I went to id the sat's, I noticed a problem, nothing was shown at the time, where the fainter sat was. 
    The bright sat was 24722 ( IDEFIX/ARIANE 42P  )
    The unid was around
    13 h 09 m R.A
    -10 Deg 3 min Dec
    Don't look like a bird to me, but a satellite.
    44.6062 N
    75.6910 W
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