Antares: PhoneSat tracking?

From: Jan Stupl (
Date: Tue Apr 23 2013 - 21:11:43 UTC

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    3 Cubesats have been launched from Antares into 250km orbits this 
    Sunday. They are dubbed PhoneSats, because they are using smartphones as 
    The PhoneSats are sending packets at 437.425 MHz in the amateur band, 
    also including pieces of a picture taken with the phone cameras. More 
    details on the website under "packets".
    So far, radio amateurs have been successful picking up packets using 
    preliminary/inofficial TLEs created by the PhoneSat team from launch data.
    However, those TLEs are going to get bad soon. So if someone could 
    update the PhoneSat post-launch TLEs  (from their website), this would 
    be  really great!
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